A different kind of bar

Patent Social is an elegant new uptown Waterloo bar & social eatery for young professionals looking to have fun, watch a show, eat, drink and even dance.

The 'patent' part of the name comes from a plan to put artistic interpretations of famous local patents, like the original BlackBerry, on the wall and other patents in the public domain that give a sense of the innovation that was created in this community.

The 'social' part of the name comes from people looking to find something interesting to do here in town whether it’s live music or the return of live comedy in the core on a weekly basis, to a lounge area that will let friends get together to play their favourite old video games like Mario Kart on a bank of TV screens.

The bar and social eatery is managed by Rami Said, a local entrepreneur who is a chair of the uptown Waterloo vision committee and sits on the executive board of the UpTown Waterloo BIA.

"a new establishment for the young professional and local tech talent looking for a place to wind down and have some FUN"

The Waterloo Chronicle

"Waterloo needs something new and fun, but something that doesn't forget it's history."

Jay El-Kaake - Local Entrepreneur
Food Menu
  • Starters
    Truffle Popcorn

    Gourmet, popped-fresh with truffle oil warning: probably addictive

    Shrimp Cocktail

    Classic shimp cocktail with lemon and dill do not attempt to drink this cocktail

    Nachos n Dip

    Locally made nachos w/ 3 dips: guacamole, queso, and mild or spicy salsa what kind of cheese is not yours? nacho cheese!

  • Dinner
    Beef or Chicken Skewers

    Beef or chicken skewer, roasted garlic aioli
    marinated in smoked paprika, citrus and thyme a popular option, thyme after thyme

    The Ham & Cheese

    burnt brie with serrano ham, poached pear
    w/ greens and hot mustard "burnt" and "delicious" rarely used together until now

    Slider Trio

    Montreal smoked beef, Roasted turkey
    and Serrano Ham - 3 individual sliders ask for the threesome

    Welsh Rarebit

    Cheese dip served hot
    w/ grilled bread & dill pickles no, that's not a typo for "rabbit"

    Double-baked Mac & Cheese

    3-cheese, double-baked Mac n' Cheese
    sprinked with breadcrumbs more cheesy than the puns on this menu

    Pecan & Greens

    Goat cheese, pear, pecan & mixed green salad
    w/ white balsamic vinaigrette hello beach bod - minus the alcohol

  • Desserts
    Birthday Cookie

    Vanilla cookies with confetti icing
    & white chocolate it doesn't have to be your birthday

    Coconut Banana Pie

    Vegan coconut & banana cream pie our coconuts do not consume meat

    Passion of the Flakie

    Double stacked passion flakie
    w/ house puff pastry, seasonal jam
    and Chantilly cream paired well with red wine

    Roast Your Own S'mores

    Personal campfire to roast marshmallows
    w/ wafer cookies
    and Hershey's chocolate can we trust you with fire?


17 Erb St E, Waterloo,
ON N2J 1L4

We're in front of Symposium on the corner of Erb and Regina.


We're open to the public:
4pm-12am Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday
5pm-2am Friday and Saturday

Contact us

Phone: (519) 208-4030
Email: hello -AT- patentsocial -DOT- ca

For event bookings and large groups please call or email in advance.